How Do I Get Started?

Learn more about the documentation requirements to help you prepare to apply when the program launches.

The PAHAF plan is being reviewed by the U.S. Treasury and once approved, PAHAF will begin accepting applications from all eligible Pennsylvania homeowners. In anticipation of the program launch, gather the required documentation in preparation to submit an application. Please be sure to review the Am I Eligible section of the website.

Required documents may include:

  • Copy of government-issued photo ID for all homeowner applicants
  • Verification of Social Security/Individual Tax Identification card for all homeowner applicants. Verification may include: a) A copy of your Social Security or Tax Identification card, OR b) Submission of income tax related forms such as 1040s, W2s, 1099s, etc., showing your full Social Security or Tax Identification Number
  • Proof of home ownership (e.g., copy of the most recently recorded deed, tax bill)
  • Verification of current household income including earnings, self-employment, unemployment benefits, cash assistance, etc., for all household members over the age of 18, except for full-time students (e.g., 2020 IRS Form 1040, W2s, 1099s)
  • Proof of increase in expenses as a result of the pandemic
  • Act 6 or Act 91 Notice (if applicable)
  • Additional information you feel would be beneficial in explaining your situation
  • Proof from Lender that applicant exhausted all other loss mitigation options (if applicable)

If you are a homeowner in need of immediate assistance, we encourage you to contact your servicer to explore loss mitigation options which may provide a more immediate solution. You may also reach out to our Housing Counseling and Legal Service Partner Agencies by clicking below on the links. 

To report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse please click here or call 1-800-211-5418.

To report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse please click here or call 1-800-211-5418.

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